Entrepreneurship was once considered a man’s territory, but each year more and more women set out on the journey to launch their own businesses. At FundzNetwork we are privileged to constantly be working and supporting woman-owned businesses with their business endeavors.

These business-savvy ladies inspire other women to go after their dreams, to start-up their own companies, and although there are many successful businesses being launched by women, they still face significant obstacles because of their gender.

Investors give less consideration to businesswomen, and this is why there are funding sources out there specifically targeted for women entrepreneurs. FundzNetwork simplifies the process to help connect woman-owned businesses with multiple funding opportunities.

Grants for women help level the playing field and each year there are more opportunities for women owned businesses because grants have proven to be successful in empowering women. With our combined 27 years of experience FundzNetwork understands the importance of assisting our future women business owners in going thru the “funding maze” to locate the necessary funding.

Funding opportunities demand that any business idea must be presented professionally with the appropriate documents that will be required. At FundzNetwork, our trained and experienced staff works diligently with you to write ALL documents that the agencies will need on hand in order to evaluate your merit for funding.

However grant funding can be very challenging to obtain, but knowing what to look for, and how to apply can greatly improve your chances of getting funding.