Launching or expanding a small business can be challenging for anyone in any circumstance and for minorities it can be even more difficult to get the support and financing it takes to become a success.

At FundzNetwork we work step by step to connect minorities with multiple funding options because luckily, a number of government, state, federal and private agencies have created grants and assistance programs available to minorities.

In order to be able to receive such funding, it is VERY IMPORTANT to realize that the grants are not simply given because you are an aspiring entrepreneur who happens to belong to a minority category. Money is put toward minority small businesses because they want to see successful minority business owners.

With our combined 27 years of experience, FundzNetwork recognizes the importance of the application process and the documentation that must be prepared professionally in order for you to be considered as a serious applicant. It is important to realize that grants are not easy to obtain! Grants will not be obtained if your business idea is not a good one, or if you have not done the proper analyzing, planning and preparing to start/expand your business. Therefore, FundzNetwork understands that before even applying for a grant you MUST first prepare a Professional and Complete Business Plan. This is why our experienced Team will WRITE all documents for you and assist thru the maze of locating funding for your business.