Over the years we have realized business owners are looking to start and expand their brick and mortar business by setting up an online presence to market their product and/or service. According to Score’s quarterly state of Retail Report 2014, "78% of the US population, age 15 and above have bought something online". Like many of our clients, business owners find this is very exciting, but it can also be very overwhelming.

Establishing this online business presence can be a lucrative way to sell, market and advertise your business to reach the growing potential customer base out there. Before you begin completing specific online business steps, you still MUST follow the BASIC Rules of Business. At FundzNetwork, we understand that Your Professional Business Plan is important to obtaining the potential opportunities and becoming a successful business owner.

With our combined 27 years of experience we will not only WRITE your complete Professional Business Plan that is required to submit to all funding agencies, but we also provide you with tutorials that will inform you and assist you in understanding and establishing your online presence.

Our Team wants to make sure we have provided you with information and tools thru the tutorials, on the following topics on how to start and manage your online business:

• How to choose and register your domain name.
• Selecting a web host that will provides you with the space and support to create your website.
• The website of your online business is extremely important to its success.
• Importance of advertising and marketing online tips on the how to, because generating the highest amount of traffic possible on your website will create the highest chance that those visitors will become customers.
• and much much more....

FundzNetwork is always looking to help our future business owners prepare and set up their business with the necessary tools to take full advantage of the potential Internet market.