Expanding your business is an exciting proposition. This means the business is doing well and ready to grow to the next level and additional financing will be required. FundzNetwork understands that this is a stage of a company’s life that is filled with:

• Opportunities
• Uncertainties
• Risks

Thus finding expansion capital can be a frustrating experience for the ill-prepared entrepreneur, but for those that plan ahead, it can far less painful and alarming.

We here at FundzNetwork, with our combined 27 years or experience, realize the importance of having a professional business plan that outlines the expansion details because it can earn the money needed to grow the business. Businesses needing financial support to implement expansion ideas require an up to date business plan including updated marketing strategies in order to secure financing.

We are always excited to assist our successful business startups that eventually face the issue of handling business expansion and growth. Our Team will work with you and WRITE all necessary documents that must be submitted to the different funding agencies.

FundzNetwork helps expanding business in not only going thru that funding maze to locate the proper programs to apply to, but also to take care of compiling and completing the file that is required to be reviewed for funding.